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Finishing Instructions for "Olde New England Garden"  by designer Doreen Frost

Premier Issue May 2015 Cover Design

Finishing Instructions for "Olde New England Garden"  by designer Doreen Frost

Premier Issue May 2015 Cover Design

2015 Christmas Holiday Issue

The document below will provided the  instruction corrections for the German Belsnickle and Merry Christmas designs in this issue.

2016 Spring  Issue



Fresh Hen & Eggs ~  Pattern missing from issue. The pattern  was  included in our 2016 Summer Issue.

2016 Fall Issue



Thankful Tom ~   Designer Julie Thomas of The Old Tattered Flag has made a few corrections to the Thread/Punch Key.  You can download the revised key here. 

2017 FAll Issue

Gathering Goose Page 7 -  Design by Michelle L. PalmerThread color key correction. Colors on pattern for eggplant, missing from color key.


JACK Page 19 - design by Teresa Miller of Teresa's Primitive Treasures.

There is a section of the sunflower petals missing. The corrected chart

is in the document below.


May the Witches... design by Isabella Abbiati of The Primitive Hare.  The symbols are missing from the Stitching Key

on page 37.  We are providing the corrected key here for download.

We apologize for the error.




                                    2018 Spring Issue

Transfer Instructions - From Paper to Fabric are

on page 35 not 33 as shown on the contents page.



2018 Christmas-Winter Mega Issue



SANTA KNOWS - Page 6 by designer: Teresa Kogut


VILLAGE CHRISTMAS TREE - Page 15 by designer Julie Thomas


MISTLETOE  CROW - Page 41 by designer Lori Brechlin


CHRISTMAS IN BLUE - Page 74 by designer Giulia Manfredini

2015 Winter Issue

Memories design by Erik Shipley on page 16.  On the thread guide, there is a symbol missing in the thread key for DMC 801. The updated key is in the document below.



                           2016 Summer 1 Year Anniversary Issue

Stars & Bars Altoid Tin Pattern

Freedom March Pattern Resized

Pumpkin Days at Liberty Quilts - updated thread information

Summer Scraps Rug Hooking Project - updated instructions




                                              2017 Spring Issue

Flowers & Berries by Teresa Kogut ~ The charted basket area

does not quite match up with the stitched model. There are a

couple red stitches missing on the basket trim and the base section.

The revised chart is available here if you want to stitch the project

exactly as shown in the model. 




2017 Christmas-Winter Mega Issue



December In Williamsburg ~   Designer Doreen Frost. 

Page 74 Valdani Size 8 Threads are  used in this design.


Folk Angel Ornament ~ Designer Nicoletta Farrauto.

Page 35 Angel's head band - leave unstitched or use DMC 3047 Yellow Beige Lt

Backstitch for Angel's Wing - use DMC 839, Beige Brown Dk

                                               2018 Summer Issue

Where Love Grows - page 30 - Updated/Corrected Thread Color Punching Key. Designer: Rose Clay


Tulip Farm - Page 40 - Updated punch needle pattern for those who want to punch the "weave design" as shown in the model on page 38. Designer: Deb Boudreau



                                               2018 Fall Issue

Autumn Berries - Page 59 - Symbol Key Correction Sheet.

We apologize that the symbols are missing from the key. Click on the PDF below to save or print for this design. 

Punkin' Patch - Page 62 - DMC 676, Old Gold Lt or Sullivans 45156 is used for the sunflower petals.  

Candy Corn Cat - Page 68~ we have corrected and updated the Materials list for this design and where you can acquire them.



                                        2019 Spring Issue


1795 Strawberry Mold - Page 60 by designer Barbara Shores

The background (#8 in the instructions) color #125, should be punched with

the Ultra Punch setting at #1.  

Strawberry - Color # for Medium Red is 285 (not 295). Color shown on pattern is correct. 



                                                  2019 Fall Issue

A Bee ~ Page 33 by designer Barbara Shores

The background thread color was not included in the color key. Valdani #8 Perle Cotton - O178 Tea Dyed Stone was used.



                                 2019 Christmas-Winter Issue


PEACE - Page 8 by designer Laura Hakes

We are so sorry! The pattern for this project should have been reversed so that when punched the letters are correct and the stocking toe is to the right. The little cardinal is also missing and it appears in the model. This correction sheet provides information on making these corrections for you project. Please contact us for updated pattern information.


SADIE & SAM - Page 23 by designer Teresa Kogut

Star on sheep is outlined with WDW3860 Crimson and filled in with WDW2240 Red Rocks. This information was omited in the thread key.  *Pattern update available to include background. Please contact us for more information.


SNOWman - Page 38 by designer Melissa Bowman

The DMC color number for the snowman's cheeks is #3771 and the Sullivans USA thread number is: 45496 Terra Cotta Ult Vy Lt

                                                  2020 Spring Issue

Spring Tulips - Page 7  by designers Priscilla & Chelsea, Stitching with the Housewives. Chart correction providing the garland as seen in the stitched model. 


Late Night Stitches - Page 9 by designer Michelle Palmer - DMC color number for Yellow Beige DK is 3045 (not 304)

Hedgehog House - Page 39 by designer Stephanie Webb

The model was stitched on 36 ct but 32 ct will work just fine per Steph.

The symbol in the chart for DMC 543, Shell Beige should be a ( + )

Spring 1881 - Page 64 by designer Nurdan Kanber.  The full materials list is missing from the issue.  Please see the PDF document below for a complete materials listing. 



                                                  2020 Fall Issue

Eeeek! A Spider ~Page 13 by designer Roberta Jackson

The pattern in this issue is not reversed. If you need help with the reversed pattern please email us at

Vulture Villa ~ Page 59 by designer Stephanie Webb

The CORRECT symbol for 680, Old Gold Dark is the larger black circle (not open square). It is used for a small area on the head and the feet. 

The small black circle is 841, Beige Brown Lt which is used for the head of the vulture. 

Pumpkin Quilt Block - Page 73 by designer Susan Davis.

Quilt Block Section E (center area of block) should be Valdani O19, Spring Greens. 



2020 Christmas-Winter Issue

Comfort & Joy ~ Page 13 by designer Misty Purcel

The vein in the leaf on the chart and color key shows DMC470. The model shows no stitches in this area so the fabric shows through. Stitch at your discretion. 

                                          2021 Spring Issue

Olive Harrowgate ~ P 49 by designer Rebecca Noland. The symbols on the color key for Piney Woods and Mustard Seed should be switched.  The heart symbol should be Mustard Seed and the triangle should be Piney Woods. Our apologies! Please see the color photo for reference. 

Prancing in the Tulips ~ P 71  by designer Stephanie Webb

32 count fabric was used for the model. The  inverted white triangle symbol on chart is not in the key. It is DMC 3824 Apricot LT. 



2021 Summer Issue

Home Seasonal Series - Summer P6

Instruction step 2 should state: Back-stitch lighthouse windows using DMC 838.  


Deb's Summer Biscornu P75 ~by designer Giulia Manfredini.

The Color Key has been updated and corrections have been made. 

Dinky Dyes color 177 on the key should be 117 and DMC equivalents have been updated.  You can view or download the updated Color 

Key by clicking on the PDF icon below. 


2021 Fall Issue

Potions ~ Page 18-19 by designer Lisa Berberette

The fill color for the "P" bottle should be DMC907. (The color key shows O19.)  The little "O" to the left of the "P" bottle should be filled with color #11 (not 1 as shown on the pattern). 

                          2021 Christmas-Winter Issue

Napping in the Poinsettias ~ Page 56 by designer Stephanie Webb.  The symbol for DMC #3820, Straw Dk, is the right pointing arrow on the chart. 

SOTH - Winter~ Page 70 by designer Jeannine McGowan

DMC color number for Golden Olive is DMC 832.

                                  2022 Spring Issue

Deb's Spring Biscornu - Page 94 ~designer Giulia Manfredini 

The flower colors for side 2 should be reversed from what they are on side 1. The large flowers should be stitched with #178 Twilight and the smaller flowers in #25, Ruby. If you need a corrected side 2 chart, please contact us. 

                                  2022 Summer Issue

Bucket Brigade 4th of July - Page 11 ~designer Priscilla Blain. Ignore instruction #3 - there is not a bunny in the design.

Faith, Hope, Love Box - Page 19 ~ designer Teresa Miller

The linen fabric count used for the model is 36 count.

DMC Color number for DK Khaki Green is 3011 (NOT 3021)

 The DMC suggestions for Weeks Dye Works “Charcoal” is one strand each of  3371, Black Brown and 3021,VY DK Brown Gray.

                                  2022 Fall Issue

BOO - Page 86 ~designer Liz Mathews

There are errors on the color key.  Please click on the PDF icon for a correct key that can be printed out if needed. 



Grateful Heart - Page 103 ~designer Nurdan Kanber

 The color key is not completely correct for this beautiful design. 

Please use the corrected key file below. 


                                  2023 Spring Issue

Awakenings - Page 26 ~ designer Jeannine Happe

The main poppy color should be DMC 347, Vy DK Salmon. 

                                  2023 Fall Issue

Autumn - Page 13 ~ designer Nurdan Kanber

DMC color number for LT Blue Violet is 341.

                                  2024 Spring Issue

Florence Arterton Sampler - Page 13 ~ designer Robin Laukhuf

Top right section of pattern was omitted. The part of the pattern is here.  We apologize!!! Click icon to download file. 

Fionnlagh the Highland Cow - Page 32 ~designer Mary Luongo.  There are a couple of annotated color key pattern corrections for placement. Click icon to download file. 

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