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Welcome to the Digital Library
To view an issue, click on the cover and a box will open prompting you to enter your username and password. Please view the PDF document by clicking on the icon for some helpful information when using our library. Be sure to check the Corrections page to see if there are any project updates for these issues. 

Access to these issues will only be available while your subscription is active.  If you want to have the issues should you decide not to continue your subscription, be sure to download and save the issues as a PDF document to a file on your PC, laptop, or tablet. 

Happy Stitching!

Printing Tips:

The easiest way to print project pages from the issues is to download the issue first and save it as a PDF document.  To to that follow these steps:

To download and save the earlier issues  2015 up through the 2017 fall issue, click on the icon to the LEFT of the star icon on the top menu. Starting with the 2017 Christmas-Winter issue, there will be a PDF icon there. Once the issue opens up,  RIGHT CLICK on the cover or click on the little computer disk icon next to the printer icon on the top menu and the issue can be saved to your computer, laptop or tablet.  Open the PDF file of the issue and then choose what pages  you would like to print as you normally would when printing any PDF document.

2015 Issues
2016 Issues
2017 Issues
2018 Issues
COVER - 2018 Fall Issue RGB Web Med.jpg
COVER - Xmas-Winter  Issue 2018 Web LG.j
2019 Issues
COVER - 2019 SPRING Issue -Web.jpg
2019 PNPS Summer Cover Web.jpg
2019 Fall Issue Cover - Web.jpg
COVER - Xmas-Winter  Issue 2019 -
2020 Issues

2016 Fall Issue

PNPS 2020 Spring Cover - Web.jpg
COVER - 2020 Summer Issue.jpg
COVER - 2020 Fall Issue.jpg
2021 Issues
2021 SPRING Cover Final RGB Med.jpg
2021 SUMMER Cover.jpg
2021 Fall Cover Website.jpg
2021 Xmas-Winter Cover.jpg
2022 Issues

2018 Spring Issue

2022 SPRING Cover Med.jpg
2022 SUMMER Cover.jpg
2022 Fall Cover.jpg
2023 Issues
2023 SPRING Cover.jpg
2023 PNPS Christmas-Winter Cover.jpg
2024 Issues
P1 2024 SPRING Cover.jpg
2024 Summer Issue
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